Видео (10.01.2010). Added next cartoon. Cartoon about the influenza epidemic in Ukraine. This cartoon about men who can make money even in complicated time :) You can download and see it here.

Видео (16.08.2009).Added advertising cartoon for our frands You can see it here

video (26.05.2009). Updated "Animation" and "Gallery". We added new 3D paintings made in Mudbox for “Curse of Ancients” and cartoon from ball's life. You can see it Here.
Also We mix "Pictures" and "Grafics". And added new page - "Scetches".

video (24.04.2009). We added test 2D cartoon. It was made offhand. The artist was made sketch, all other pictures I was made by myself. An artist from me unimportant :). Sound was present but without musik. You can see it Here.

Grafics (16.12.2008). Added new page with works in pencil. You can see them here.

new Wallpaper (28.10.2008). Added wallpapers for project “Curse of Ancients” - "Anubis" and "Mantis".

Eye (20.09.2008). Added testing project "Eye".In the "Gallery" You can see the sketch and in the "Animation" you can see the movie. Thanks "Сlean Ice Music" for the sound.

10.06.2008. We added forum, where You can leave Your comments and talk about everything.

30.05.2008. Some updates : gallery, wallpapers и animation.

New site 24.05.2008. We have finished and started new version of this site. We added : gallery, wallpapers.

Curse 01.03.2007. Started working on a new project of Game Studio Semargl “Curse of Ancients”. The project represents an action-RPG in the style of ancient Arab East and Egypt. You can read about it here.

ZTB 28.04.2006. Completed working on a project “Plot of the Dark Tower” of Game Studio Semargl. Review in russian You can read here,here and here.